Deep Creek Hot Springs

  (This picture doesn't do the creek justice. I meant to take so many photos, but didn't seem to take my phone with me anywhere. I was completely in the moment in this incredible spot. I snapped this photo just before exiting the area, heading back on trail.) Two days after leaving Big Bear, we'd hiked … Continue reading Deep Creek Hot Springs

The first 60 miles

Bridget and I are posted up just a few feet from the trail underneath her blue tarp, trying to make some shade, after today's first 11 miles.  Snapchat reports it's only 66 degrees outside, but I beg to differ.  The terrain has been filled with lush green plants and trees everywhere. The flowers have ranged … Continue reading The first 60 miles

Day 1

What a day it was! I got dropped off at the border with the slew of 25 hikers who were ready to hit the trail.  The southern terminus is an interesting experience! Everyone huddles around to take pictures and then we kind of stood around looking at each other like "do we start walking?"  I … Continue reading Day 1